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Service Needed :
  • Billing and Collections
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Recovery
  • Credentialing

We provide complete billing and collection services for your Accounts Receivables.  Our focus on compliance, timely billing, and follow-up, ensures quick turnaround and optimum cash flow.
We are confident of our timeliness and assure you of this by building our promise directly into your contract.   Our experienced team of billing specialists and A/R managers will have complete focus to your collections.   You will have a billing team and managers at work for you without the overhead expense and pressure of assuring staff coverage, and the day to day flow of your accounts receivable.  

With our expertise in contract negotiations and review, we continually monitor insurance company responses to assure you accurate reimbursement.  We monitor the physician's fee schedule against the insurance carriers contracts to ensure appropriate reimbursement. 

We also provide Accounts Receivable recovery to assist a practice when their A/R has gotten backlogged, but haven't made the decision to outsource to our great team of specialists quite yet.

We provide regular reporting of your accounts, and also specialized reporting to fit your practice.  All payments are directly deposited into your bank account.   
Direct access to your accounts is available.  

Billing Connection of Southern Oregon is owned and operated by Brenda Anderson and Susan Marquess.